About Calla Lily Flower History and Origin

Maybe, many people of us think that the Calla Lily is just any other flower from time it has appeared in history. But it seems not really right. The Calla Lily is one of the flower that have an exciting history story, it is composed of changing their name twice or above and moving it from unnoticed country to new country.

At the present, the Calla Lily can be found in a lot of gardens, many homes around the world. It is a much appreciated flower. So you should be interested in where the Calla Lily came from?

Calla Lily Flower History and Origin

Origin of The Calla Lily Flower

The Calla Lily has origin from the southern lands of Africa and usually called South Africa up to the country Malawi, its location in straight with northern frontier of African insland Madagascar.

With the typical tropical climate, this area seem to be suitable for the Calla Lily living. The temperature is quite stable in both rainy season and dry season.

As without real winter, so there is no cold winds and snow. The Calla Lily here mostly blooms around year as long as it is supplied sufficiently water, energy and nutrition.

Names of Calla Lily flower

Remember that the Calla Lily is not just a common name, it is indeed a name to represent for a respective flower. Occasionally, it is misunderstood as two part in its name. But the Calla Lily is neither a Calla nor Lily. In the past, it has been ever considered to be a calla, in that time the famaous Swedish botanist – Carolus Linnaeus actually has classified all the same plants under the calla genus.

However, further investigation proved that we can not sort all callas as only one genus because they have not common feature enough. Hence, they have been divided again by German botanist – Karl Koch and now the Calla Lily is known as the Zantedeschi – according to name of the Italian botanist – Giovanni Zantedeschi. However, all other plants which to be similar with the Calla Lily to be considered under a family.

calla lily

Bringing the Calla Lily flower to Europe

It is very difficult to define exactly when the Calla Lily be traveled to Europe, but from a illustration of the Royal Paris Garden in year 1664, we can estimate that it’s grown in Europe at that time. Many people expected that time is correct. After that, the Calla Lily became a very popular flower and be shown up at funerals, weddings and any festivals in Europe.

Especially the Calla Lily begun to be more popular and famous since people knew to use simple greenhouses and making it to bloom around year seasons in the southern to middle parts of Europe. Even, it is a flower that could be grown in the dark sky condition.

Calla Lily – Over the World

With traveling over the world, the Calla Lily also became a very hot subject for painters and artists in art action as its colours and shapes extremely attract attention of beholders and audiences. But it did not limited there, as the Calla Lily is a quite hardy flower and could survive for a long time even after removing from the mother plant.

Hence, it quickly is prefered for the cutting flower in interior arrangement art. As before-mentioned, a lonely Calla Lily flower in a high and sleek white vase is considered as an interior decoration classic