Why should you remove Calla Lily Dead Flower

When your calla lily plant has stopped blooming, the foliage will die back and the plant appears to be dead. After several months, the foliage will re-grow as well as the plant, however the flower cannot. Calla lilies flower is different from other … Read more

Information about Calla Lily seed: Tips on Growing a Calla Lily from Seed

Exported from South Africa to American, Calla Lilies can grow in USDA plant hardiness zones 7 – 10. They are glamorous decoration for any garden. It is suitable to grow Calla Lilies indoor as well. Do you start getting interested in growing this kind … Read more

Instruction to Make Calla Lilies Bloom Beautifully

Normal blooming seasons of calla lilies are summer and autumn, but in some case calla lilies fail to have sign of buds of flowers, especially for those calla lilies which were grown in containers. To answer the questions such as "Why don’t my calla … Read more

Splitting Calla Lilies – Time and Method to Split Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are still considered to be beautiful even just their leaves, but when the bold, single petal flowers unfurl, they catch all attention. The instruction below is about how to split calla lilies. Why you split calla lilies? How many … Read more

Instruction to Cultivate Calla Lilies Outdoor

Calla Lilies are famous for their beauty which is beyond compare. Besides, they can make your garden or house become colorful. This is the reason why they are suit many kinds of places. The following information aims at instructing how to cultivate … Read more

How to Take Care of Calla Lily – Instruction to Grow Calla Lily effectively

Calla Lilies are famous for their outstanding and unique beauty. That is the reason why they are suitable for every garden or houses, even beds or borders. You can grow calla lilies in many places such as containers, outdoors or indoors, windows or … Read more

Instruction to Prepare Calla Lilies For Winter

Calla Lilies are famous for their beauty which is beyond compare. That is the reason why they are suitable for every garden or houses, but it is essential to understand the instruction to take care of Calla lilies in order to keep it blooming year … Read more

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How to help Passion Flower Vine survive through Winter

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Note for Take Care Passion Flower Indoors in Winter

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