Calla Lilies Turning Yellow Advices: Causes for yellowing leaves

Normally, the leaves on Calla lilies have a deep, rich green color. If you are growing a Calla lily, don’t ignore the warning sign of yellowing leaves. For Calla lilies, yellowing leaves go along with lots of problems, fortunately, most problem can be handled easily. Keep reading to learn what causes yellowing Calla Lilies and how to save what can you do to save them.

Causes for Calla Lilies Leaves to Turn Yellow

Calla Lilies Turning Yellow Advices

Examine the soil immediately when you find out your Calla Lilies leaves have yellow color. Because, yellowing leaves indicates that your Calla lilies having some problems in the roots of the plants with many different reasons.

Sometimes, shortage of soil nutrient such as nitrogen, iron, zinc or some other trace element might lead to yellowing leaves, or a yellowing of leaf tissue, also known as chlorosis. Calla lilies might have problems either lacking this trace element, or the root cannot function correctly which inhibit nutrients absorption. Sending soil samples for your local extension service to find out whether something is wrong with the soil.

Rotten roots are known as another common reason for yellow leaves. Over water these plant can cause some serious problem for its roots. High humidity leads to rotten roots, and many other diseases and finally the death of the plant as the leaves wither.

What to Do When Calla Lilies Turning Yellow

Only when you start doing something with planting environment, you can take care of yellow leaves properly. Dig up and move the plant to well-drained soil, try gardening using raised bed method if possible. Dig up the plants and transfer them to a spot with well-drained soil, preferably a raised bed. Be careful not causing any injuries for the rhizomes when planting it and do not over water these plants.