Instruction to Grow Cosmos Flower Beautifull

Cosmos plant is perfect for garden decoration. It makes good border or container plants and fills the void in the garden. This flower can be found anywhere because it is inexpensive and simply to grow. With about 20 species with different appearance, height and color, cosmos plant is an ideal for decorating. When the stems reach 1 to 4 feet, you can enjoy the beauty of the blossom.

Tall plants can be secured by tying them to stakes, or you should protect them from wind. There are many reasons why you should plant this kind of flowers in your garden. First, it makes a beautiful border between other flowers. Secondly, it create a beautiful background.

Instruction to Grow Cosmos Flower Beautifull

Tips on Growing Cosmos Flowers and Take Care of them

To plant cosmos flower, you do not have to work much into the soil. Cosmos can tolerate a wide range of soil types, including poor soil and hot, dry condition. In contrast, soil that is too rich yield cause cosmos flower to bloom late and flop over, so avoid soil that has been heavily amended, and don’t feed the plants. Grown from seed, therefore, when you plant cosmos flower, just throw their seed to the place you want. After that, cosmos will self-seeds and produce more beautiful cosmos flower during the years.

It depends on varieties but some cosmos flowers reach to the height of a short person with lacy leave. Usually, cosmos flower prefer to be neglect but gardeners need to know basic cosmos flower care. At first, remove the dead flower so the plant can focus on the lower stem, which result in more flower. Cutting flower for decoration is also promoting the development of plants.

Varieties of Cosmos flower

There are 20 species of cosmos flower with both annual and perennial varieties. Cosmos bipinnatus, called the Mexican aster and Cosmos sulphureus are two famous annual types of cosmos which is grown in the U.S.

Mexican aster is better – known than yellow cosmos which is shorter and smaller. Cosmos atrosanguineus or the chocolate cosmos is one of the most special varieties of cosmos species.

If you haven’t had cosmos flower in your garden, don’t wait, go and get some seeds immediately. It is perfect frilly flowers which can make your garden become paradise.