Success growing Calla Lilies flower with bulbs

In fact, the Calla Lily is one of the most beautiful flowers which we can arrange in the garden. It has an exotic trumpet shaped flowers and light fragrances which makes us to feel as heaven on the earth. As to be a quite hardy plant although any harsh treatment, it is quite easy to grow by its bulbs or rhizomes. The below notices, you can learn more about how the Calla Lily grows and how the One should go ahead to rear?

growing calla lilies flowers from bulbs

Bulbs of Calla Lily

The bulbs, if more exactly called the rhizome is really the heart if the Calla Lily, it is born at any location where emerges of the Calla Lily appears. Of course, it is not properly a root, but the Calla Lily bulb is similar to a very large and thick piece of root from all smaller roots. This piece will grow as soon as we put it in the ground where wet enough. When a bulb to be established, it will grow up to the plant and if we have a good supply of water and nutrition in combination with photosynthesis, this initial plant will become a beautiful and healthy flower. But if without the Calla Lily bulb, we won’t have any Calla Lily to enjoy.

To buy the Calla Lily, you can go to the local garden store and if there is not any kind of plant you are looking for, the store staff also order it for you from suppliers. Of course, you can search directly the Calla Lily supplier online and even able to find the informaion from more wealth sources with wide range of colour and variety, including both of retail and direct from the grower. You ought to plan to arrange the Calla Lily feature in your garden sight for the most suitable about colour and kind of leaf pattern. You should remember that the Calla Lily is a tropical plant, therefor you have to pay attention to the hardy zones if you live in some colder land as many Calla Lily can not withstand sub-zero temperature though in short time.

Planting the Calla lily flower bulbs

Actually, this work is as simple as sticking the bulbs, rhizome into the ground. Although the Calla Lily needs to well drained so that avoid to be rot if we take it in the store. But it is quite flexible and probable to grow any soil. The Calla Lily should be consider to grow with full sun as it love the sunlight as well as gardener. Bu in the case of very hot climate, the one also think over to put it in the light shade. The Calla Lily should be planted horizontally with the growing side up in the small hole which is about 10mm deep.

planting the calla lilies bulbs

Of course, in the package of the bulbs there is the instruction, you can follow this manual if the shown depth differs with our recommendations. If the one wants to plant more than one bulb, this depth should be at least 25mm or above so that they get enough chance to spread widely. On the ground where to be plant the bulbs, you need to water sufficiently to help the Calla Lily grow well. Although quite hardy, but the Calla Lily really can not bear the cold exceeded climate, it is possible to die if the temperature drops below zero-point. In this case, you have to grow it in the pot with similar way as in the ground. If the temperature reduces to very low, you can bring this pot to the warmer place in your house before it be frost. You also should remember that the Calla Lily needs to replant once a year so that it doesn’t run out of space of pot.

The Circle of Calla Lily Life

In the life of Calla Lily, it always grow, bloom and even spread everywhere if we keep it in moist soil. If nothing is done to stop this, it will take over the entire flowerbed. Surely the gardener will do not want this, though it like very pretty. As most of other flowers growing from bulbs or rhizomes, the Calla Lily will produce a new bulb as a small potatoes. This new bulb will become a other plant again. So with a patient gardener, he can make a whole garden from only one Calla Lily bulb. Somtime, we need to dig up the Calla Lily bulbs to throw away and replant the garden.

Good Luck!