Growing Passion Flower Indoors: A Perfect Choice

Choosing the right type of vine will allow you to own a wonderful indoor jungle. Passion flower vine is perfect to be planted indoor because of its beauty and adoptability. It is easy for you to grow a passion flower indoor. However, you still need … Read more

How to help Passion Flower Vine survive through Winter

The common name of Passiflora vine is passion vine because of their popularity. It has been well known worldwide for its beautiful flowers and tasty fruit. You will have a winter passion flower vine outside your house if you live in USDA planting … Read more

Note for Take Care Passion Flower Indoors in Winter

Passion flower vine (Passiflora spp.) can be grow all year round. You can choose between growing it in the ground during spring and summer period or taking the passiflora indoors during winter months. Sometimes, people might wonder whether dropping … Read more

Propagating Passion Flower by Rooting Vine Cuttings and Growing Seeds

Known as a striking tropical-like vine, passion flower (Passiflora spp.) is a popular houseplant or garden vine which is easy to grow and propagate. People can propagate passion flower by growing seeds or rooting vine cuttings in spring or by … Read more

Which Factors Make Passion Flower Not Blooming

Wild passion flower can produce sweet fruits and unique flower which inspire gardeners to create a new species by crossbreed and collect passion flower. However, the enthusiasm will fade away if the passion flower is not bloom. We cannot solely blame … Read more

Things to do when Passion vine flower bloom but not fruiting

With the variety species, passion vines is probably can be grown in any place in the world. It is expected that the bloom of robust perennial vine will produce juicy fruits. However, sometimes, passion vine flowers but not set fruit for some specific … Read more

Make Your Own Tropical Style Garden by Growing Passion Vine Flowers

With over 400 species, tropical passion flower or passion vine extends from Mexico through South America. The family Passifloraceae has an average size of ½ inch to 6 inches. It was said that the name passion flower was derived from the love and … Read more