Why do your calla lily blooms drooping?

Calla lily is naturally found at South Africa. Warm climate along with full sun or partial shade are good conditions for growing calla lily. It is also suitable to be indoor plants due to this characteristic.

Drooping calla lily is the common problem which can be seen on gardening forum. Three main reasons have been detected and blamed for this problem, which is watering, fertilizing and fungus root relatively.

Why do your calla lily blooms drooping?

Why do your calla lilies suddenly droop?

Calla lily is one of the most beautiful flowers with glossy green lead and trumpet-shape flower. Sometimes, it make gardeners confused when their flowers suddenly droop even though, they have take good care of them, or what-they-thought-it-is. In some cases, they take too much care.

Fertilizing is good for plant development but too much fertilizing can cause serious problems for flowering plant. Excess nitrogen fertilizer encourages leafy growing process which results in drooping calla lily.

The same problem might arise when the plant is over or under watered. Both cases can cause the flower bending downward. Sometimes, the blooms are too large, which might develop up to 5 inches long and slender stems is not strong enough to support them. Therefore, the stems become pliable. Just let the foliage run wild until the autumn when it can pull back all energy and get ready for the next year.

Solution to fix calla lilies flower wilting in regard of water

For calla lilies, the suitable soil must be loose and drain well or your risk having flower bulb rot. This type of flowering plants grows from funny looking tubers and soil condition plays an important role. Check the bulbs to be sure water level is not excessive to avoid rotten bulb. Rotten bulb leads to calla lilies witling. Once it happens, there is nothing you can do but to discard the current one and start over.

The best solution in this case is to leave the plant without watering for several days. Just simply neglect them. This type of plant is not selective but it prefers loose and drained soil, if you want to plant it in a pot, choose an unglazed pot, so the excess moisture can easily evaporate.

Fungus root and wilting process

In opposite to well drain condition, cool and wet conditions facilitate the development of fungi. Fungi are the fear of all gardeners when the warm weather comes. In general, it attacks the plants. For calla lilies, fungi lead to soft root.

Drooping calla lilies can be the result of multi fungal disease such as Anthracnose and rotten roots. Once the fungi begin, it attacks the bulb and branch of the plants. Gradually, the stems get weak and pliable. One day, gardener must call out for help because both stems and flowers bend downward to the ground.

In this case, the best cure is to replace the soil if possible or start over with other strong and resistant plant which can fight against fungi.

Other problems associated with calla lilies

Calla lilies are not cold hardy therefore they will not survive the winter cold, even a slight frost can affect to the leaves and blooms. Therefore, you should prepare your calla lilies from the autumn. Cut back the foliage, wrap the bulb carefully and move the plant indoor before the first chill come. You can also put it in a dry and warm storage room during the cold weather.

Spring have come, wait until soil temperature reaches to at least 60 F or 16 degree, now you can bring the plant outside and replant the bubs.

Sometimes, you can take control of drooping calla lilies, just follow the instruction below and enjoy these lovely flowers.

Good luck, FlowersCareGuide.com