Choosing the right type of vine will allow you to own a wonderful indoor garden. Passion flower vine is perfect to be planted indoor because of its beauty and adaptability. It is easy to grow passion flowers indoor. However, you still need to pay attention to the steps needed to grow passion flower vine indoor properly.


Basic Information about Passion Flower

Passion flower is a beautiful plant and nonnative to tropical regions. Despite it has a tropical appearance, the passion flower (or Maypop because it pops out of the ground in May), originates from the southeastern United States as well as appears on roadsides, open fields and forests.

Missionaries were the first people who named it passion flower. They believed that this kind of plant symbolized the crucifixion of Christ. Besides, there were thought to present the faithful ten apostles of Jesus throughout the Passion suffering and death and its rays above petals were similar to the crown putting on Christ’s head.

Introduction of Growing Passion Flower Vine Indoor

The favorite indoor temperatures for passion flower vine are from 55 to 65F (equal to 13 to 18C) but when the winter comes it still can survive in a bit cooler condition. You can grow passion flowers in a place that has lots of light but not direct sunshine.

Water the passion flower vine regularly during its growing stage and prepare a proper drainage. You can let them dry out a little when the fall is coming but don’t let it dry completely. Besides, you should provide ventilation for the area that the vine will be grown.

You can put potted plants in a warm place outside during summer. Their blooming season will last from July to the winter month if it grows outdoor or even longer indoor. The vine will grow up about 15 feet in each season so you should prepare a proper support system. Once the flowers bloom, you will have a chance to enjoy the beauty of it.

Passion flower have many kind of colors such as purple, yellow, and all species. It also produces tasty fruits which vary in shape (round or oblong) and color (yellow to purple).

Passion flower vine will be a perfect choice to decorate your house because of its splendid flowers and tasty fruit. Moreover, it is easy to grow and come along with a long history.

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