The common name of Passiflora vine is passion vine because of its popularity. It has been well known worldwide for its beautiful flowers and tasty fruit. You must have a winter passion flower vine outside your house if you live in USDA planting zone 7 and zone 6 (or a mild zone 5).


Having a Passion Vine Throughout the Year

Firstly, you should grow your passion flower vine at a place that is having favorable conditions. Also, you need to make sure the vine is sheltered carefully to deal with any kind of climate.

Plant your passion flower vine near a building foundation, large rock, or concrete surface to help them absorb or spread heat. It helps to keep them warm.

The roots of the passion flower vine are adaptable to weather and survive strongly, but you need to make a shelter for the upper part in order to prevent the wind from affecting them.

How to help Passion Flower Vine survive through Winter

When winter comes, you shouldn’t fertilize your passion flower vine because it will have a negative impact on plant development once the climate becomes warmer.

Make sure to cover the area around the root of your passion flower vine. The colder the climate, the more you should mulch that area.

Shaping Passion Flower Vine

You can prune and shape your passion flower vine when winter comes. It keeps the vines healthy. During the winter season, the passion flower vine above will die but once it becomes warmer, it will bloom again.

Therefore, you can go ahead and complete your pruning to make the passion flower vine more beautiful.

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