In the Victorian Era, Calla Lily was a very popular flower to be presented as a gift. It makes a wonderful support to any bouquet because of its excellent element. Even, it is possible to grow Calla Lily during the winter in the simplest greenhouse.

Nowadays, Calla Lily is intrinsically an icon of beauty and you can buy it from any good flower shop. In fact, Calla Lilies are also found in a lot of weddings. Because, everyone usually consider it to be a representative of happiness and endless love, thus the Calla Lily wedding bouquets are purely very familiar.

about bouquets of calla lily flower

Cutting the Calla Lily Flower and Caring for Bouquets

You can keep Calla Lily fresh for long time after cutting if you provide it a right treatment, since it is really a quite hardy plant. For the decoration purpose, the Calla Lily flower can also be used in a high vase. For that, you need to cut it with the long stem. Also, the water in the vase should be mixed with some compatible nutrition and replaced with fresh water everyday.

For cutting Call Lily, take a sharp knife and cut it with a diagonal line. Try to touch the flower as little as possible and avoid keeping it next to some warm places as TV or vent which can make the flower to be withered in several hours. If you do it right, it is possible to enjoy for some weeks and really well worth for your effort.

The Calla Lily Bouquets – Usage

In the past, the Calla Lily bouquets were seen primarily at important events such as wedding, funerals and some other ceremonies, but after that, it became more and more popular, it indeed exists in almost all the festivals in Europe. Once in America, it became a very familiar for composed inspiration of painters and artists. Even some people think it as very provocative and consider as an erotic symbol.

And then, the Calla Lily became classic for decoration art in the house. Today, most people have probably seen the Calla Lily flower in bouquets, garden or on TV but can not know what it is. Some people associate Calla Lily with interior design, especially the single Calla Lily in a high white pot is a famous classic art symbol.


The Language of the Calla Lily

Throughout time from ancient, each of different plant and flower have had a respective meaning. Even, some of flowers obtained certain special powers and it will be not strange if a kind of flower makes the particular language. In truth, since the Swedish King Karl XII brought the Calla Lily to Europe from Persia, it has become extremely popular.

With many noble men during Victorian Era, they used the Calla Lily such as a gift to reveal the secrecy, and others used them like public statements. The language of flowers soon spread over the world and brought a lot of new meanings for people. The Calla Lily was thought to be on behalf of magnificient beauty, even it bring to everyone the utmost respect. The language of flowers is also known as a studying science to know what certain plants meant to human. Although it is not an exact science, but is extremely interesting and popular until today.

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