As to Calla Lilies, it is very necessary to start caring for them as soon as we begin to grow them in the garden. Actually, Calla Lily is a strong plant with very little demand but you need to consider some caring methods for nutritional and living condition elements. Of course, Calla Lilies are sometimes considered as weeds in the originated country, but it doesn’t mean they will be suitable naturally with your garden or backyard. However, if we spend a little extra time and effort for Calla Lilies, the result will be shown immediately with a lot of marvelous flowers and a healthy plant in the life.


Calla Lily Attention – Watering solution

Calla Lily belongs primarily to tropical marshlands, which means it is a very thirsty plant. During the growing and caring process, we should not allow dry periods and ignorance from gardener. Either it must be watered regularly, especially during hot summer days or have to put it at the place where it can absorb lots of water.

The best solution, you should plant the Calla Lilies near by a small pond or water basin in your garden. However, because it must request to get the water, so an artificial pond which isolates it with surrounding earth can be adequate. If this simple demand of Calla Lily is fulfilled, it will grow and fill your garden.

Calla Lily Attention – Nutrition.

In the tropical climates, the environment temperature never goes below the freezing point, hence we can have the Calla Lily flowers all seasons in a year. Of course, this is possible but it also brings for us a bit more work. Although the Calla Lilies can benefit from a little nutrition boost once a year, but this is not enough if we want them to bloom all time.

It must be taken care with a bi-monthly periodical feeding schedule through either liquid dung in the water or compost in the soil. If so, the Calla Lily surely blooms with wonderful flowers around the year. However, we have to ensure that it is not over-feeding. Signs for over-feeding realization include burnt leaf edges, this reveals an excess of nitrogen. Also, if insufficiency of sunlight appears, the Calla will require more nutrition to bloom, so you should try to monitor your garden appropriately to receive the light at best.


Calla Lily Attention – New Bulbs.

The Calla Lily can be propagated by using more and more bulbs, which is also known as rhizome. If it is planted in your garden, the bulbs will spread over ground. It will occupy the entire place of view if we do not treat it in time. So if necessary, we must dig up these extra bulbs, throw them away them or replant. This needs to be done regularly as the Calla Lily won’t stop producing offspring every time.

Calla Lily Attention – In A Pot.

It will be slightly different if we grow the Calla Lily in the pot. Of course, it still needs a lot of water and even more than growing in the garden as water content in the pot may always be lost.

On the positive side, if you grow Calla Lily into the Pot, it will be very bright, so you must start feeding it some nutrition. And then, throughout the life of Calla Lily, if the soil in the pot is exhausted, you should continue to feed nutrition for it. Furthermore, you will have to replant the Calla Lily with new soil in the pot as there is a greet risk that it will be dead. The best way, we ought to change the soil once a year so that the Calla Lily will be much happier and healthier.

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