Philodendron Imperial Green is such a beautiful plant that never fails to draw anyone’s attention with big, large, stiff, shiny-green leaves coming from a central stem is surely impressive to watch. Philodendron looks fantastic and is inexpensive as well as highly available too. If you’ve brought this plant for the first time, a feeling of anxiousness is alright, and thinking about how to keep the plant alive as well as making sure it grows well can sound tough. It might feel like a huge task but it’s not and you have surely chosen an amazing plant for your home. This article will give you a better understanding of how to grow and take care of your Philodendron Imperial Green plant and keep it thriving perfectly.

The plant will be at its best when it is placed in bright and indirect light. To avoid direct sunlight you can place it near the window as direct sunlight may cause scorching of leaves which will ruin its look. Furthermore, If your plant is placed in low light it will stop growing and will be at much greater risk of causing problems including overwatering. If the leaves stop producing any new leaves for several months, consider low light being the likely cause. Keeping the room at a steady temperature and plenty of humidity and the right amount of water will create an ideal position for the plant. The plant needs high levels of humidity in its living area to show its best potential. If you live in a dry climate consider ways to increase the humidity levels like keeping a humidifier in the room is a great idea or misting the plant also helps in increasing humidity.

Philodendron Imperial Green is surely an easy-to-handle plant as they are considered to be beginner plants and rarely conquer a few problems that might worry you. While taking care of the plant you may notice something strange or weird like the color of leaves changing frequently or the plant drooping over and losing its vibrant houseplant look. 

Common philodendron problems to look out for are –

  • Root-rot – Affecting of the roots due to overwatering so checking the soil and just watering when the top part of the soil is dry is important.
  • Drooping leaves – Drooping leaves or sagging of leaves are caused due to low amount of water or temperature issues so maintaining the right amount of temperature and water is of utmost importance.
  • Chlorosis – if the leaves start to turn yellow it’s because of overwatering which can turn into a dreaded root rot. Yellow leaves are either caused due to overwatering or excess light so maintaining both is highly needed to avoid chlorosis.
  • Brown Spots –  Brown spots on imperial green leaves can be a sign of incorrect watering. It could be either a lot or too little watering that causes brown spots. The only way to know is to check how wet or dry the soil is and take a note of your watering schedule. Low humidity or changes in the environment can cause brown spots too.
  • Pests, Insects, and Bugs – Philodendron imperial green houseplants are not prone to bugs and pests but it’s always a better idea to check your plant for any bugs or insects.

These plants grow fast if they are taken care of nicely and are placed in the right conditions. The necessary steps that one should take care of are repotting once the plant gets big, trimming when needed plus the right amount of soil and water to make your imperial grow up to 10 cm. each week during the growing season. Your plant will mostly stop expanding once it will reach a spread of around 90 cm and about 75 cm in height. 

Some things to know – 

  • Feed – Applying a weak solution of liquid fertilizer two or three times in the growing season is important.
  • Toxicity – Philodendrons are moderately poisonous to humans and animals so keeping away from children and pets should be considered.
  • Air Purifying – Filters airborne toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene from the atmosphere and are part of a clean air plant collection.
  • Origin – Cultivar origin is unknown and the philodendron is native to the West Indies and tropical rainforests of Central and South America.

The imperial green philodendron is a magnificent plant and not only does it offer a fancy display of greenery to brighten up the ambiance, but it’s also quite easy to take care of. Even if you are not good at gardening or handling plants this plant is really easy to handle and will be your favourite within no time. It is a simple plant asking only for your love and care and is not nearly as finicky as other plants. Follow all the guidelines mentioned in the article and your plant will continue to grow and thrive providing you with a cheerful ambiance to share your living space with.

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