Known as a striking tropical-like vine, passion flower (Passiflora spp.) is a popular houseplant or garden vine which is easy to grow and propagate. People can propagate passion flower by growing seeds or rooting vine cuttings in spring or by layering in late summer.

Passion Flower Propagation – Rooting Passion Vine flower Cuttings And Grow Passion Flower Seeds

Usually, passion flower seeds do not store well and will go dormant for up to a year. Therefore, passion flower seeds sprout most easily while they are fresh or straight from the fruit. For seeds being stored a while, you ought to rub one or both sides of the seeds lightly with a piece of fine sandpaper to break dormancy and improve germination. Then, the seeds should be steeped in lukewarm water for about 24 hours. This also helps to check the germination possibility of passion flower seeds because floating seeds are hard to sprout. You better throw out these seeds.


After breaking dormancy and improving germination, prepare moist potting mix or peat compost – make sure to drain well – and press the remaining passion flower seeds into about ¼ inch. Remember cover with ventilated plastic to keep them humid. After two to four weeks, remove the plastic when the seeds begin to sprout. This may take longer for older seeds, from four to eight weeks or even longer.

Another thing you should pay attention to is keeping seedlings out of direct sunlight until passion flower sprouts develop their second set of leaves. Seed-grown plants do not bloom instantly, in some case, you have to wait up to ten years for them to bloom.

The way to Root Passion Flower Cuttings

Another popular way to propagating passion flower is to root their cuttings. You should stem cuttings during the softwood stage, when they can break off easily when bent. Clip about 4- to 6-inch cuttings just below the node with a sharp pair of pruners. Then, strip off the bottom-most leaves and dip the ends in rooting hormone. Prepare well-draining potting mix or sand and peat mix with the equal amount and stick the cuttings about half an inch. Cover them with a clear, ventilated plastic bag after watering lightly. You may need stick supports.


To maintain warmth and humidity, place the cuttings in a shady location. New growth within a month should be paid special attention. In this time, you can gently tug on the cuttings to check whether they have root. Once the cuttings develop root, they can be transplanted to any where you want to grow them permanently.

The way to Propagate Passion Flowers by Layering

Besides rooting vine cuttings and growing seeds, passion flowers can be propagated by layering in late summer. To propagate passion flowers by layering, strip the leaves from a small section of the stem and bend it over. Then, bury the piece of stem partially in the soil and anchor it in place with a small stone if necessary.

The piece should begin rooting within a month provided it gets enough water. However, the piece should be kept in place in longer time, throughout fall and winter and then removed from the mother plant in spring for better rooting and developing.

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