Exported from South Africa to America, Calla Lilies can grow in USDA plant hardiness zones 7 – 10. They are glamorous decoration for any garden. It is suitable to grow Calla Lilies indoors as well.

If you are starting to get interested in growing this kind of flower but do not know whether its seed pods can grow and need information about how to grow calla lily from seed? Read on to learn more.


Information about Calla Lily seed

These beautiful and elegant flowers are being grown for a very long time. Gardeners grow it from a rhizome, which is essentially a piece of root taken from a larger, mature plant. It forms large green leave with lighter spots. These trumpet-shaped flowers produce beautiful blossoms with many different colors from pale pink to deep purple and even yellow. One day, these flowers will be killed off, leaving only a bunch of calla lily flower seeds in a pod-like capsule.

“Can I plant these pods to get more calla lilies?” is a question commonly asked. Although these flowers are commonly propagated by separating the bulbs, they indeed can be grown from seeds. Gardeners can find and buy Calla lilies seeds from catalogs or garden centers or get them from their own plants. It is critical that you wait till the seedpods are dry enough before separating them from the host plant.

Tips on Growing a Calla Lily from Seed


When growing a Calla Lily from seed, it might take three years for these flowers to bloom. Therefore, it requires gardeners little work and patience. To bloom the elegant, beautiful flowers, calla lily seeds must be pre-grown first.

After removing seedpods from the parent plants, gardeners put seeds in a damp paper towel, and cover them. These paper towels are then placed in a cool environment like a basement or cellar for instance. After a few days, gardeners need to check all the seeds and get rid of those that can’t produce.

The next thing to do is to prepare a high-quality soilless medium. Put soil in a well-draining pot and place 1-2 seeds in the pot underneath the soil. Always keep the soil humid and observe the flower growth, so you can notice which seed cannot grow and remove them.

Keep watching the plants for several weeks to discard the weakest seed so the plant can focus energy for the stronger one. When calla lilies have grown, gardeners can transplant it into larger pot or outside. Don’t forget to wash the plant roots before transplanting because it might be contaminated. Until it become stable, calla lilies need to be watered regularly.

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