Why should you remove Calla Lily Dead Flower

When your calla lily plant has stopped blooming, the foliage will die back and the plant appears to be dead. After several months, the foliage will re-grow as well as the plant, however the flower cannot. Calla lilies flower is different from other plants because it can bloom once. When it finishes blooming, the petal will fuse into tube with green cover but not dropping. This tuber now is useless and should be removed for some specific reasons.

remove Calla Lily Dead Flower

Remove Calla Lily Dead Flower

Main reasons to deadhead calla lily

Each calla lily can only produce a certain number of flowers. When the flowers have withered, it stays at tube-shaped. Therefore, calla lily deadheading cannot result in continuous blossom as other plants. Although they have done blooming, you should clip the dead flower off for two reasons.

+ Firstly, deadheading calla lily flower is done in order to keep the plant appearance. It does not make much difference to the plant but it would be neater, tidier when you cut the dead and hanging down flower off. After all, the appearance is the most important thing for a flowering plants as well as the garden.

+ Secondly, removing dead flower can improve calla lily performance. A dead flower still cost more energy than you thought. This practice forces energy to the lower stem and more importantly, the rhizome, which lead to the healthy, hardy rhizome. The rhizome plays an critical role in the growth and development of calla lilies. Deadheading flower also prepare the best condition for the plant in the next year.

Basic knowledge about deadheading calla lily

Deadheading calla lily is the most basic type of pruning to make the plant more attractive. Obviously, A green and healthy flowering plant is more beautiful than one with dead and hanging down flower.

Before deadheading, don’t forget to prepare a set of garden shears or a pair of scissors. Those tools are very useful when removing dead flowers. You have to clip off the branch near the base. Be careful not leaving any bare stem sticking up through the leaves, but remember leave a short piece remain on the trunk near the base of the plants.

To have a stunning calla lily bouquet, you can simply follow instruction below. This progress are good for calla lily development as well.