Normal blooming seasons of calla lilies are summer and autumn, but in some cases, Calla Lilies fail to have sign of buds of flowers, especially for those calla lilies which were grown in containers. To answer the questions such as “Why don’t my calla lilies bloom?” or “What should I do to have calla lilies flower?“, follow the information below for the best result.


Method to Have Calla Lilies Grown in Ground Flower

If your calla lilies fail to bloom, it may be because of three reasons below, because there aren’t many factors that may cause calla lilies not be able to flower:

  • Too much nitrogen
  • Shortage in water
  • Shortage in sunlight

If your calla lilies fail to flower because of too much nitrogen, the plant will grow rapidly and be lush. Brown edge on the leaves is another signal of too much nitrogen. Too much nitrogen will encourage foliage to grow, but it makes the blooming process harder. When this problem happens, you should change into fertilizer that contains more phosphorus than nitrogen so that will help calla lilies to be able to flower.

Another reason to make your calla lilies fail to bloom is the shortage in water. This problem will prevent the plant from developing, causes its yellow color and may also wilt. The proper solution is to transplant calla lilies to somewhere where it can get more water or make sure that you are providing enough water for your calla lilies.

Calla lilies prefer to live in sunlight, if it is grown in shady place they will not able to bloom. Your calla lilies will be stunted if it fails to get enough sunlight. If you think that your calla lilies are not blooming because they are getting too little light, the only way to make it bloom again is move them to a sunnier places.

Instruction to Have Calla Lilies Grown in Containers Flower


The factors that affect calla lilies grown in ground, can also affect calla lilies grown in containers. Therefore, the reasons caused Calla lilies grown in containers fail to flower are the same as Calla lilies grown in ground but there is one more specific problem which is they do not get a dormant period in order to prepare for a blooming season.

To help a calla lilies plant in a container flower, you need to provide them with a dormant period. It is very easy to do that. Stop providing water as soon as your calla lilies have stopped blooming. Allow it to go bone dry. When the leaves die back and your calla lilies appear to be dead, you should place it in a cool (not freezing) dark place for two months. After two months, place it in to sunny place and start to water it again. The foliage will regrow and your calla lilies will start to flower beautifully.

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