Calla Lilies are famous for their outstanding and unique beauty. That is the reason why they are suitable for every garden or house, even beds or borders. You can grow calla lilies in many places such as containers, outdoors or indoors, windows or corners. The following instruction is aiming at helping your calla lilies bloom beautifully in your garden or every place that you intend to grow them.


Instruction to Grow Calla Lilies effectively

It is very easy to grow a beautiful calla lily because this kind of plant doesn’t require any special treatment or too much attention. The most important things to have a good development of calla lilies are proper planting and location. You should grow calla lilies in loose, well-drained soil which is best for this plant.

They would like to be grown in a sunny or partial place in warmer weather. The best time to grow calla lilies is spring. However, don’t grow them until there is no more threat from frost and the soil gets warmer.

You should grow calla lilies deep, at least 4 inches to gain the best results. Besides, the distance between them should be about a foot. After calla lilies are grown, make sure the place is easy to water. Calla lilies enjoy moist environment and will also benefit from a monthly dose of fertilizer throughout the growing season.

How to Take Care of Calla Lilies

There not much requirements for calla lilies care, the same as its growing instructions, all you need is to pay attention to its watering and fertilizing. They prefer to be grown in a moist, rich and free of weeds environment which can be provided by having an adequate layer of mulch around the plants.

Calla lilies require a dormant period once flowering has ceased. During this time, you should not provide much water to prevent them from dying.


If you grow calla lilies in containers, cease watering and move the plant to a dark area once the foliage has faded. You can water them one time for every two or three months. You should dig calla lilies up and store in a cool, dry and clean place in order to keep them survive through winter because they can only bloom in warm climate.

How to Prepare Calla Lilies for Winter

You should dig up calla lilies to take care of them during winter. Start digging up when calla lilies’ foliage are killed by the frost. This is the best time because your lilies will be able to store all the necessary nutrients at that time, so they can manage to survive the winter. After finish digging calla lilies up, you should move to another step that is moving any remaining dirt gently and slowly.

Next, you should let calla lilies’ rootstocks become dry in a warm and waterless place for a few days. Meantime, you can choose to start growing your calla lilies indoors during late winter and transplant them outside in spring.

It is easy to grow and take care of calla lilies. Having calla lilies wherever, in the garden or as houseplants, will make those places become more beautiful and colorful.

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