Wild passion flower can produce sweet fruits and unique flowers which inspire gardeners to grow this. However, the enthusiasm will fade away if the passion flower is not blooming. We cannot solely blame for something wrong in caring for the plant; there are many reasons why passion flower does not bloom.

Which Factors Make Passion Flower Not Blooming?

How do you get a passion flower to bloom?

Many gardeners have difficulty in getting their passion flower to bloom. It is a common question in garden forum for years. There are many cases. It is said that let the vines run wild and it will bloom, but it might be different sometimes.

Passion flowers must meet some exacting conditions to start blooming. Environmental factors are very critical for the passion flower to blossom. In case it cannot bloom, pay attention on those following factors carefully.

Age factor:

Those species cannot blossom at any time. It usually takes several years for the growth of the root system before they are ready to bloom. It soon lead to the period of fruiting, therefore, gardeners should prepare carefully before the passion flower ‘s ready for fruiting.

Fertilizer factor:

Passion flowers are a wild, native tropical species. Therefore, it will be the best to let your vines run wild. Feeding them with nitrogen may cause side-effect, which is harmful for the development of the flowers. Gardeners should provide phosphorus as well so it can help reduce the effect of fertilization. Like many other native plants, it is better not to bother your passion flower

How do you get a passion flower to bloom?

Lighting factor:

Like other fruiting plants, passion flower also needs as much sunlight as you can give them. Initially, you might want an ornamental plant but passion flower is fruit-tree. When being provided enough sunlight, your passion flower might set fruit. Unless your passion flower get at least 8 hours of direct sunlight a day, it may never bloom or hardly bloom.

Watering factor:

Although passion flowers can survive under the drought conditions, its ideal environment is a well-draining location and need to be watered frequently. Remember to check the moist of the soil, moist but not wet. Water enters the roots and transported raw materials to leaves, and makes them food for the plant. Inadequate water can lead to the collapse of the whole systems.

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