With over 400 species, tropical passion flower or passion vine extends from Mexico to South America. The family Passifloraceae has an average size of ½ inch to 6 inches. It was said that the name Passion Flower was derived from the love and passion of Jesus Christ. Because the distinctly colored patterns of the flowers were used to teach about the passion of the Christ.

Passion Flower Care Tips

Passion flower was an irresistible temptation at every garden because of their vivid colors and strong fragrance. However, as tropical plants, most species of passion flower plant sadly cannot survive the winter in the United States. A few can survive in USDA plant hardiness zone 5. The others will grow in Zone 7 to 10.

Another name of passion flower is passion vines. Therefore, a trellis or fence is the most suitable place for the plant to grow. Passion flower plants grow rapidly and some species can reach 20 feet in length in one season. They are unable to withstand the cold weather, however, even when they withered, the climbing vine flowers remain because of the former structure and return at the spring if it has been taken care of properly.

Most species of passion flowers thrive in full sun and well drained soil. Fertilizering flower twice per year, once in early spring and one in midsummer is required.

The way to Grow Passion Vine flower Indoors

How to to Grow Passion Vine flower Indoors

You can own those beautiful flowers in your garden at anywhere, anytime. A big pot and a window full of light are all required for growing passion vine indoors. Remember put your vine into a rich commercial indoor potting soil and always keep it moist.

Whenever the weather becomes warm, move your plant outdoors and don’t bother it until the autumn. Prune the passion vine in autumn and bring it back inside. With the bellowing tips, you can make your own tropical style garden.

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