People usually prefer to propagate the Calla Lily by its bulbs, also known as rhizomes, but the interesting fact is that it can be grown by the seeds also. You can find these seeds in your nearby gardens, flower stores or online with various kind of colours and sizes.

You can also possibly ask your friends and neighbours to get the Calla Lily seeds if they have. If you are more interested in the seeds, you can gather their pods when mature enough and keep them in storage for growing. You can then also share these seeds with others who really want to enjoy growing the Calla Lilies flower.


Preparing the seeds

From the lot of seeds that you have, choose the best ones for planting the Calla Lily. You can do so by following the steps below:

  • Put a damp paper or cloth towel upon a plate and spread out all seeds on it. Separate out seeds with visible signs of damage or rotting.
  • Once done, move the seeds to a new damp paper or cloth towel and place in a dark, cool area. Keeping the wet condition for these seeds is very necessary (Towel should only be damp, not soaked in water, otherwise the seeds can rot).
  • About two days later, you will see clear signs of growth on most of the seeds. You will keep well-grown seeds for planting and throw away the bad ones.

Planting the Calla liLy Seeds

If you choose to plant in the garden, of course you have to accept a lot of dangers from violation of birds and mice. The best way, you should plant it in a pot and keep at a safe place. If do that, the Calla Lilies will grow up strongly and healthy in peace. You can treat the sowing soil by yourself or buy it at the local garden shop for better condition. The best method is planting two seeds in each of pot, right under the surface stratum of soil. In fact, in this stage, the seeds are still maybe in danger of rotting.

Therefore, whie watering them, you have to lead it into the pot from bottom and the seeds will obsorb the water through soil little by little. However, if the top soil is too dry, use a fine mist squirt bottle to spray it slightly. Once the Calla Lilies show signs of growing, it is time to sort again, you need to throw away weak one immediately. As the result, the stronger shoot will bring for you the most beautiful Calla Lily flowers.

Replanting after Calla Lily Seed Sowing

After sowing stage, you can plant the Calla Lily flower in real condition such as larger pots, garden or backyard. If you want to keep these shoots in the original pot, you will need to exchange the soil by some more natural kinds to be suitale with new growth process of the Calla Lily.

Before planting the Calla Lily, the safest way is washing the roots carefully so that no new bacteria or diseases followi to its growing location. The Calla Lily must now be big enough to take some real water. Of course, do not let it over-water, prop it by strong enough sticks if necessary and wait till it starts to bloom marvelous flowers.

Propagation – Calla lily flowers

As all of flowers or plants, the seed using propagation can bring exciting and surprising result as you can never be sure what you get is defined result. In sexual reproduction by pollination, the next generation will have some features which are similar to both of its parent.

In fact, the Calla Lily rarely look like as either its mother or father if you propagate it by seeds. You can carry out to pollinate for Calla Lily flowers yourself or make use of action of bee for a day. If lucky, you can get successfully a whole new kind of Calla Lily in your garden.

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