Things to do when Passion vine flower bloom but not fruiting

With the variety species, passion vines is probably can be grown in any place in the world. It is expected that the bloom of robust perennial vine will produce juicy fruits. However, sometimes, passion vine flowers but not set fruit for some specific … Read more

Make Your Own Tropical Style Garden by Growing Passion Vine Flowers

With over 400 species, tropical passion flower or passion vine extends from Mexico through South America. The family Passifloraceae has an average size of ½ inch to 6 inches. It was said that the name passion flower was derived from the love and … Read more

How to Planting Calla Lilies flower by Seeds - Actually, everyone usually prefer to propagate the Calla Lily by its bulbs, or also considered as rhizomes, but sometime they are able to grow it by the seeds. You can find these seeds in garden store centres with various kind … Read more

Success growing Calla Lilies flower with bulbs

In fact, the Calla Lily is one of the most beautiful flowers which we can arrange in the garden. It has an exotic trumpet shaped flowers and light fragrances which makes us to feel as heaven on the earth. As to be a quite hardy plant although any … Read more