Passion flower vine (Passiflora spp) can be grown all year round. You can choose between growing it in the ground during spring and summer period or taking the passiflora indoors during winter months. Sometimes, people might wonder whether dropping leaves during winter months means that their passion flowers are sick. However, dropping leaves during cold weather is a normal phenomenon which signals the winter dormancy of the plant.

It is quite easy to take care of passion flowers in winter. In fact, there are many ways to do that. You can put the plants in a dark, cool place or keep them in a cool and lightly bright place. Another recommendable caring way is bring the Passiflora indoors in the wintertime. This change of location will allow the plants to continue to bloom without being affected by cold weather.

Caring Passion Flower Vine in Winter

As it is noted before, passion flower vine wintering is extremely easy. To keep the plants warm, you just need to bring them near a sunny window sill. The are two main types of passion flower winter care:

  • Provide regular watering and keep them active throughout the cold months
  • Keep them in dormancy period. In order to do so, keep passion flowers in a dark, dry, cool place and water them about once a month.

Note, in the case of dormancy, It is normal that the plants will drop leaves over the wintertime in a period of dormancy.

In contrast, if you want to keep passion flower vine in a sunny location in your home, remember to turn the pots every few weeks so they can get equal sunshine. Furthermore, the air indoors is much drier than outdoors, you should keep the passiflora humid if you are going to bring them inside during the wintertime. Misting and a good Humidifier can give you huge support in this case.


When winter months end and spring returns, do not put them back outside immediately. After a long time being kept indoors and not receiving the direct sunlight, passion flowers needs to be acclimate gradually.

Before Passion Flower Vine Berry Fruits – How Long Does it Take ?

After being replanted outdoors when springtime returns, it does not take passion flower vine too long to fruit. Usually, passion flower vine blossoms by mid-June and then fruits a month later in most areas.

To sum up, the tips for passion flower vine care winter is not difficult. You can keep the plants indoors and enjoy them even longer without fearing that the cold weather can spoil them. In some cases, your passion flower vines can go into dormancy but when springtime returns, you will have a healthier, fuller and prettier houseplant.

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